Shampoo Carpet Cleaning

At Imperial Cleaning Service we use the RotoVac 360 rotary powerwands to ensure your carpets receive the highest level of cleaning available. We start each cleaning by vacuuming the area and spot treating stains or high traffic areas. We then use the rotary powerwands to spray our cleaning solution, provides a multi direction scrubs, and extracts the dirty solution at over 500 passes per minute to make certain all the dirt, grime, and dust your carpets collects are removed. Our solutions are children and pet safe, and eco friendly. We do multiple extraction passes to help provide the fastest drying times.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

A traditional steam cleaning provides a deep clean through hot water extraction. Hot water and cleaning solutions are injected into the carpet fibers and then we use a powerful suction to remove dirt, grime and allergens. We can also use our steam cleaning system on your hard surfaces such as marble and tile, on your upholstery, furniture, drapes and more, to help provide a clean and allergen free environment.

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